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Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Austin has mentioned a couple of times that he wanted to have a surprise party sometime. I kind of brushed it off, thinking it probably wouldn't happen. I'm so used to my girls planning their parties months in advance, I just didn't think it would work out. Well, as it got closer to his birthday and he made no mention of a party, I thought that it might be a good year to do it. Especially since we were so focused on the baptism.

Communication is so easy nowadays with texting. I texted four of of his best buddies' parents and Austin didn't even have a clue! The trickiest part was choosing the best time during this crazy time of year with graduation parties, sporting events, and end-of-year-parties, etc.

Since we are now member of the Summit and our family can swim for "free", the open swim time on Saturday sounded like the perfect place. Jason took Austin on an errand and got him a Slurpee. Austin's friends arrived at our house, along with my friend Gayla who he had give the opening prayer at his baptism. When we knew they would be arriving, everyone hid behind the kitchen counter. One friend, Owen, wanted to play the piano when Austin arrived (he's really good for an 8-year-old!), so I let him hide in the living room with Erik who was blocking him. Of course, Erik ran to Austin with his silly spray before I said the secret words that meant "jump out", but Austin just thought it was Erik being crazy. I quickly guided Austin to the kitchen and said the secret words, "How did it go?" and everyone else jumped out in surprise and sprayed him with silly spray and blew horns at him. He was very surprised and excited! We sang to him right after wards and they played for about 15 minutes before we left for the pool.
Playing hot potato while waiting for Austin.

Our piansit, Owen.

Hiding for the big monent!

The girls put together the spread. We have had enough cake, so we opted for doughnuts, someting Austin has been wanting lately. Cheesy pretzels are his fav, so we got tons of those!

Don;t know why, but I thought silly spray in the house wouldbe fun...

He was covered!

There's his surprised face!

It was a very loud Happy Birthday song!!
Before Gayla left we took a picture. 
At the pool they played catch, enjoyed the water slides, lazy river, and jumping into the water. Three of the boys, including Austin, took the swim test there and passed! So they were able to go to the big pool without an adult.

 Kaleb, Victoria, Dallin and Tyler, Owen and Erik, Karissa and Austin

Erik playing catch with Austin, Owen and Dallin.

Mermaid girls

Austin, Kaleb, and Tyler in the big pool.
When we came back, parents were already arriving (we took a while to get out!) Austin quickly opened presents and they all grabbed some more food before leaving. It was a very fun party!

This week we're trying to recover from a graduation party on Friday night, Austin's birthday party, a graduation party Saturday night, and a farewell party Sunday night! Phew- we are tired! We need a break from parties!

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