The Mercado Family

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

No Rest for Mothers or Birthdays!

I guess it's just the nature of our calling as mothers, but we really don't get much of a break. I am good with that, I like being involved and keeping busy. Mother's Day weekend was no different. Victoria danced in all four recitals over the weekend, which will probably be the norm from now on since she's getting more advanced in her dancing. Yes, that does mean she dances every Mother's Day Sunday. We tried really hard her first 6 years of being at Dancin' Feet to not dance on Sunday's recital. I hope that's ingrained in her as with the fact that she didn't go to the extra 2 practices held on Sundays. Being out in the "mission field" it's impossible to find a good program without a recital on a Sunday at Victoria's level. We plan on keeping sporting events away from our Sundays, and hope that we can be good examples of Sabbath day worship to our kids.

Besides a recital Friday night, Austin had his first baseball game. He hit the ball every time and scored one point for the team. It was fun watching him play. Baseball will be a whole new ball game for our family, pun intended.

Austin and Dallin

Austin's on third, ready to bring it in!

Outfield, very exciting...

Vivian, Aleah, Victoria, Olivia. 

 Saturday it was yard work, preparing Victoria for two recitals, and running errands with the other kids while Jason got some work done in the basement. There's some tedious work going on right now with the shelves!

It was nice to have Jason and the kids prepare yogurt parfaits Sunday morning for Mother's Day. It was simple and one of my favorites! Jason made a nice and easy, early, dinner of tacos so we could watch Victoria dance on Mother's Day. I didn't get to film her tap dance, like I had hoped. I was right in the middle and didn't want to ruin the experience for others around me with my camera up. It was a special recital in that one of the teachers passed away in the fall, unexpectedly, so they had a special tribute to her. It turned out I was sitting right in front of her mom, so there were a lot of tears!!

Erik wanted to stand on the porch, not in from of the flowers, so on the porch it is!

But he stood in front of the flowers with Dad.
Victoria had time to make some brownies with Erik before the recital, which was nice to have for our Mother's Day treat. Not that we needed another treat...

Jason's birthday was on Monday, the next day! Luckily, there aren't activities on Mondays so, after Jason squeezed a run in after work, we got to try some take out from the Burger Spot and some... cake!


The kids made some nice cards for Jason (they made some nice cards and things for me for Mother's day). Karissa made him a tiny little Horton, from Horton Hears a Who, out of clay including a speck and all! You know, "On the 15th of May, in the Jungle of  Nool..." He got me some nice sandals and binoculars for our upcoming trip to Costa Rica and I got him some shirts. I know, I'm boring. It's really hard to surprise a finance guy! He mostly buys what he wants/needs and buys me what I want/need. He always gets the best quality and the best deal!

See the white little speck on the flower?

What Erik said about me in school. To clarify: he doesn't know my favorite food, my favorite drinks are hot cocoa and lemonade (hmm, sounds like someone else's fav...), he doesn't know what I do for my job, because he doesn't "see me do it", I like to help someone, I always say "clean up your toys!",  he likes to play games with me, and he doesn't know why he loves me. 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Dance Recital

It's recital time again! As usual, I can't record at the recital, it has to be done the week before at dress rehearsal, which was last weekend. I might have to sneak in a recording of her tap dance, though, since I only have one at a practice and that dance is so much better with the yellow fringe outfit! It probably won't turn out very well without the flash though, so we'll see. They were running ahead of schedule at the dress rehearsal, which I knew after recording another number, but when I went back for the tap dance, 15 minutes early, they were already off the stage!

Victoria is in tap, lyrical, and ballet this year, along with Cecchetti ballet, which doesn't have a dance in the recital. I'm so glad she decided to stay with dance. She's improving so much!

Here's her tap outfit.

Here's her tap dance, Bird is the Word.

Ballet, Popular.
Lyrical, Sing a Song.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

First Scout Campout

I love the church Scouting program. It's great to get the boys involved in such a good cause. I am the counselor in the primary presidency over the cub scout program in our ward, so I hear about what they do, etc, even though Austin isn't yet in the church scout program. It will happen next month!

I have to say, though, that I am very impressed with this cub scout troop through the school! Two weeks ago they did that awesome activity at the Outdoor Adventure Center in Detroit and this last weekend they got to go camping! The church doesn't have cubs go on overnight camp outs, so Austin was pretty lucky. He's also lucky that his troop raised so much money in popcorn sales that these two activities were free for him ($5 for siblings). They raised thousands of dollars selling popcorn! I was very impressed at the awards ceremony, which happened to be the first meeting we went to when he joined.

So, he and Jason went camping. They came home Saturday night, though, instead of Sunday morning. This is what they did:

Archery (he told everyone he saw at church the next day that he did archery with a real bow and arrow!)

Human fuse ball

Key chain craft

Helping the Cub Master with firewood.

Singing a song with the other wolves.
He got to sleep in a cabin (Jason says next time he's pitching a tent, the beds were very uncomfortable!), play with glow sticks in the dark, eat from his mess kit, and have some great meals! Lucky for him, none of the meals were hot dogs, something he doesn't like, though I told him to be ready for that one day at camp. He's used to not eating the marshmallows, which he also doesn't like. At least he gets chocolate and graham crackers when there's s'mores!

Jason said he did a great job and was a happy camper! (pun intended) I think he really enjoyed being away from his siblings for more than 24 hours and time alone with his dad. It's always nice to have a get-away. We love scouts!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


I just have random things to post about today, mostly bits of info or fun pics of my kids. Like this right here:
Erik, who doesn't eat "real" food, had this ingenious idea of eating pretzels as his hamburger the night we ate them for dinner. Along with a side of  Honey Nut Cheerios, he is the carb king!
 Victoria was able to serve with the youth from our church at Belle Isle on Saturday for an Earth day clean up, since dance was cancelled due to dance pictures. She was there from 8-2, but had a very positive experience! I got to take some of the youth there and was able to go for my run there, which was nice for a change of scenery.

Here are the pics I took of her in her dance costume.
Tap costume. She doesn't like  this outfit, but it sure looks good on her!

Lyrical costume.

Austin had a Go-and-See-It scout activity at the Outdoor Adventure Center in Detroit. (I got to drive to the Detroit area twice on Saturday...) Since Victoria was on her way back from Belle Isle and Jason was working on the basement, I took the other three. Karissa was glad she went after all. It had great facts about Michigan and fun activities to do. Austin was mostly participating in a special class with his troop, so it was just Karissa, Erik, and I most of the time.

Karissa and Erik are in the front and Austin is with the black pants in back.

This turned out great!

Canoe simulator.

Jeep simulator

From one tree to the next.


The "view"

Austin gets to go to his first scout camp this weekend. Hopefully Jason takes lots of good pics and I download them on time!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

First Guests

We enjoyed our first guests to stay in our new guest room in the basement, Gramms and Abuelo. While it's not 100% completed, it was good enough for them to stay in and Jason's dad even helped with a couple of touch ups like adding a little mirror in the room and hanging some hooks on doors, etc. He also helped Jason with the long process of putting the banding on the edges of the shelving unit to finish that up. They ran out of banding, though, and now we have to wait for the rest to come in.

Here's our model to show it off.
While they were here the kids were on Spring Break. My assistant at school had asked off a while ago, so I was supposed to go in for "Spring Camp" during Spring Break. It worked out well because Erik went every day, which the structure is good for him, Austin went a couple times for the field trips with the school aged kids, and Victoria went a couple of times to help me out and the cook in the kitchen. Karissa decided to stay home every day (it turns out she got sick at the end of the break anyhow, so it was good she didn't go and spread her germs). They ended up sending me home early every day and I got Thursday off altogether. Those who stayed home were able to visit more with Gramms and Abuelo. Jason got some days off as well and could enjoy working and visiting with them at home.
Conference Sunday, after Gramms and Abuelo arrived.

Abuelo's birthday was the day before, so we had to celebrate!
The weather Spring Break was yucky- wet and cloudy/cold. It was fitting because Abuelo caught the cold the boys were getting over and the girls got sick too. What a week! Of course there's no vacation without a visit to the urgent care. On my day off, Erik sliced his finger with a little craft blade that was left on the floor. Luckily, they didn't give him stitches, just glued it together, but he got to wear this nice metal sling, and still is, to be on the safe side.
Gotta love the popsicles there!
Victoria and Austin found this turlte on the side walk coming home from school. She rode her bike rest of the way home carrying it!

They named him Trooper and we put him in our little pool with a rock. He's sliding into the water here. 

We let him go a couple of hours later.

  We went to the pool, played with some friends, and the boys and I went to a free bowling class.

The next week the kids were all back at school, so Gramms and Abuelo went to see a few things for one day before they had to care for Karissa and her pink eye that showed up again a few days after her first round of it during the break. On Good Friday we all went to a mall with a butterfly exhibit and a small train ride. It was a nice outing and still allowed Jason and Will to get some things done around the house before the ward Easter egg hunt and dinner. There was also a nice message given by the missionaries.

The butterflies were so cool!

Coloring Easter eggs.

We finally got nice weather on  Good Friday and it has been here since! Saturday, the kids played outside the entire time, almost. Kay and Will gave us an "updating your house" housewarming gift. It's this awesome gazebo that my neighbors got from Aldi last year and I've been eyeing it. Jason and Will set it up on Saturday and we were able to enjoy it that day and on Easter. The kids really like it too! Thanks, Kay and Will!
Love it!

Easter morning.

Can you guess what everyone got for Easter this year? We're going to Costa Rica in June, so they all got hydration packs and picked themsleves out a nice hat to help with the intense sun there.

Easter was lovely. All the flowers outside started to bloom and it was beautiful! I had told the kids that the only way they could look for their baskets before church was if they were all dressed from head to toe and had eaten breakfast with enough time to spare. Well, you can guess what happened. I couldn't help but smile as Erik was standing right in front of my face at 6:40am dressed in the outfit I was going to pick out for him, but didn't, including a tie! He got it out and on by himself and had a big ol' smile on his face at when he woke me up, again. Karissa and Austin had already been in to show me they were dressed as well, which was also cute, but not as much since they were in there earlier! Church was great as was the company and food at home. We invited our neighbor, Barb, who's a widow and her kids were out-of-town, to dinner.

Happy Easter and Happy Spring everyone!